A very rude attack

Dear readers,

The past few days have been really rough. Please allow me to explain the best I can, however for the sake of my own cognitive spring I will get this on paper so I don’t forget anything.


Yesterday morning, I’m sorry to say, this little journalist was on her daily walk around town, and not too far from home. Seemed quite normal, but then I had heard footsteps behind me. Not that I’m a paranoid creation.  But a masked woman stepped out from behind a pile of crates. Again, besides the mask, nothing unusual, it IS Babbage.

She was very polite at first and I still had no alarm. But let me tell you, dear readers, she began speaking of using me to hurt others!  Dear readers, if you know me, or are aware of me, you know very very well I do not take the idea of something of that sort lightly!

I had begun to slowly get my trusty scissors ready to defend myself when that wicked, wicked, woman threw, what I’m guessing,was an extremely strong magnet at this clockwork girls helpless feet! It snapped most of my springs and dislodged my gears quicker than I could even understand what was happening!

At this point i was fully locked into place, and oh so very scared. She had a knife. I have no idea what she was planning to do with it, but thankfully I did not have to find out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a streak of black and white and a voice saying “Get away from her” (edited for profanity) I was Ms. Yariel on a full attack path for the horrible woman!

They both fought like wild beasts, both injuring each other, Ms. Zoe had come along by this time and was trying to get this mess of gears to safety, she had thrown the magnet into the water. But tried to move me  with very little luck. However, I could still hear the fighting behind me unable to turn to see what was happening or even speak.

That’s when it happened, Ms. Zoe also lunged at the wicked woman.  Some words were being exchanged, however, I’m embarrassed to admit I could not make out what was said due to my gears grinding trying to catch after their traumatic dislodging. However with a bright flash of light the masked woman was gone, and Ms. Yariel was badly wounded.

Even in her rough state she ran to assess my situation and ran to get Dr. Valoris then to rest and recover. I was taken care of an we are now on alert due to the fact the masked woman was identified as a cultist assassin Isenfae. However it is not clear at this time who she was attempting to hurt using this little doll. But mark this.. This reporter does NOT like being used to hurt her friends.


So please Dear Readers, Be careful out there.

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