Something in the…Air?

Dear Readers,

Something quite odd has been brought to this little reporters attention. There seems to be an illness or bug affecting the adults of New Babbage! Now don’t be alarmed, it seems to not be lethal. What is this disease you ask? The only answer I could get is a short one. Apparently its known as “The Bug”.  What this means? Shamefully, this little clockwork has no idea. This is what I know.

Several adults seem infected by this bug. Of course, I am omitting names for privacy. The most common symptoms include:


Going red in the face

Inability to stay still

Sweating, especially around others

Looking at the ground or over one’s shoulder with a huge grin


Some cases feeling faint

Memory loss

This does seem harmless but I do not know how bad this “bug” can get. All I know is that this reporter has seen these symptoms spread like wildfire. Especially the memory loss!  I have been trying to get more information on this bug only to be met with the answer “I’ll tell you when your older” or “you’ll know it when your older”. If you fail to see the irony in this you may be catching the illness. The sweating is terrifying as well due to it causing one gentleman to nearly heat stroke.

Dear readers, is this bug something in the water? Maybe part of the diseases seeping from it? Or is it something in the air? Only other thing I could think was something bought with the carnival. Whatever it is dear readers, please be cautious and if you catch this “bug” try to remember, it spreads. I’m starting to consider it is a communal or seasonal disease.

And please stay safe, if you see someone infected showing these symptoms walk away!

It is nearly already an epidemic.


Other news,  a young boy got attacked while flying his balloon over Babbage. I was not able to get very much information on this but will learn what I can. Seems the Militia has gotten it covered, they do not seem to be fans of reporter as the leader nearly scared the springs out of this doll.


Lastly There has been new efforts to design a filter for the water in the quarry! Let’s hope it can do the trick and stop the creature we have been warned about from coming! Hopefully it is not too late. I am hesitant to report the details or names on this till after completion due to fear of triggering an attack such as I had. But progress is being made! However the quarry lake has gotten more bizarre with a glowing mass  coming up from the depths.


Now, Dear Readers, Stay safe. I will return soon with more news!

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