No news is good news, they often say, However, when it comes to Babbage, This sentiment is terrifying. Dear readers my ears have been to the walls only to be met with an eerie silence. Only slight rumors have reached my ears.
Because of this silence this doll is left to believe that this is the proverbial silence before the storm. And in Babbage what could possibly go wrong.. Will go wrong. Let us hope this reporter is far off the mark and simply not been in the right places at the right time.
As far as rumors go there are several, Its all I can do to report this. I have spoken to a reasonable source that mentioned that several of the “urchin” children have gone missing? Have they gone into hiding? Or have they been kidnapped? Another rumor floating around is that the Militia is becoming involved in many mysteries in the city. What does this mean? Is this the cause for the silence? Another, albeit insane rumor, A group of werewolves have supposedly moved into the city. As I stated dear readers, these are merely rumors and not meant to lead to panic.
I will be meeting with a reliable source shortly to get more information on goings on and attempt to get a proper story in.
On a lighter note, this little writer now has a proper home and an office for this paper! I will be adding a mailbox soon for suggestions for stories or requests for back issues, those sort of things.
As always Dear readers, Stay safe!

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