The Mysterious Mr. Jip

Dear Readers, unlike my regular stories your reporter had the chance of interviewing a very mysterious character. Thanks to the arrangement and translation by Catpain Killian, I was able to interview the mysterious and elusive Mr. JIp of Mr. Jip’s carnival. Without further introduction I will list what had happened in a slightly different format!


First off i was introduced by Ms. Killian to this charming character who promptly blew smoke in my face as a greeting. Rather than be offended I looked to my charming hostess in case of cultural differences. She simply replied he is not familiar with local niceties so we continued

However she did give me a slight warning and I quote


“Mr. JiP is not from here. If you were to ask him yourself, he would only point to a seemingly random direction. If pressed, he would say “All directions in time,” but it would sound more like “Ald erkshunin toyim,” because though he knew how to speak English once, he has since forgotten much of it. Forgive him if he often does not make sense. He tries. you may ask him any questions you have”


So that is one question I clearly marked off my list. This little clockwork was already puzzled by the blue appearance so that was of course one of my next questions.. In response the answer was somewhat simple but even more perplexing!


“ He is blue because where he comes from everyone has blue skin. Or green. Sometimes a lovely teal. It depends on the mating season.”


So of course I went to the next obvious question. Inquiring about how, why and when he entered the carnival trade. In which my hostess once again assisted as well adding her own information which was very helpful and that I am most grateful for.


“Well, he came this particular time because I asked him to.  He was here in New Babbage a couple of summers ago, and people had fun. The last time we had an event at either the Pub or the Conservatory, i don’t remember which, there was some desire to see the carnival return. so I tracked him down and asked him to come back. You asked how long Mr JiP has been involved in the carnival trade.  I can tell you it has been a long time, many decades, perhaps a thousand years? ”


Mind you i was still sitting there staring at the brilliant blue hue of the man but kept on writing and recording. The conversation continued.


“ He travels around all summer with his carnival because this is now his mission, to bring color, excitement, and wonder to hearts trapped in drab monotony. During the winter, much of the collection is under the care of myself and displayed at a shop there called Kalimari’s Odditorium. Kalimari’s Odditorium is closed just now, as much of the collection is currently here.  when the carnival leaves, the Odditorium will open again, and you can visit”


After this i had a simpler question. Why he had begun to collect oddities and when? Once again a brilliant answer was given.


“  To answer your question, and because I know Mr Jip from a long time ago, JiP has had an intense interest in mechanical automatons, and weird things that are often found in traveling carnivals “


Needless to say, Dear readers, this got my attention greatly. I had never before heard of someone collecting my kind. However, I pushed forward and asked what the favorite piece of his collection is.


“ I think he likes all the automata best. He seems to be quite attached to the mechanical monkey. Oh, and the ventriloquist dummy. I’ve seen him play with both. Displaying his collection and traveling about looking for more to add to it are his reason for getting up in the morning he gets great enjoyment also at seeing people have fun at his carnival.”


Well then dear readers, I had to open my mouth and ask a rather trapping question. Which, I may add, they handled very well. I inquired on the one thing that was clearly nonsensical at the carnival. The pink elephant. This question was answered with a laugh and an annoyed look by Mr. Jip.


“He dies it. it’s all about the experience, for Mr. JiP, giving people something to be thrilled at.”


A respectable laugh indeed. Gaffs are a tradition in the trade as I later learned. It was still fascinating to hear out right tho.  I decided to wrap up the interview by asking if Mr. Jip had anything to say.


“He is thinking he would like to say that the carnival passes through only once a year, and please enjoy before it is all over. Time is so short, he says, well, long for him, but short for most people.”


So there you have it my Dear Readers. A summary of the very long interview I spent last morning on with Mr Jip and Ms. Killian. I urge you to go, and have fun at this carnival, but as always. Stay safe!.

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