Fires, Missing Persons, And Fights

Dear Readers  

New developments have happened in the last few days.  Turns out a few days ago there was an attack on an aeroship. From what I gather at least one was injured. A small boy named Leon, and another boy captured. Cyan has been kidnapped! Dear readers, please keep your eyes and ears open for any information about this missing boy.


In other news, due to ships being attacked, no goods shipments will be made from Mondrego to Babbage. What I understand, this will mean a coffee shortage in all of the city. From what i’ve been told they are the major supplier in Babbage.  Make sure to ration your supply carefully!

On that note Ms Beryl Strifeclaw has put a 10,000 Dinar bounty on this problem to be solved! Now, I’m not sure what that is in local currency but I’m guessing that is a pretty number.  


Dear readers, forgive me, it has taken me several days to write this edition of the paper. And for very good reason. First off i’ve learned that another boy has gone missing. A young fox moreau named Tepic. Last seen at the traveling fair. However, this is all i know on the matter.


A fire had been started on the port. This clockwork’s inquiries has let me to believe that it was an attempt to hide evidence concerning a very clearly forged copy of a painting, which was left right on the docks! No one knows where the original is, however, its been theorized that what we considered the original was a print of an etching. Where is the original.. And why was a copy in shipment to a well known museum? And why catch the crates on fire along with I’m guessing the notes.


Finally right before this young reporter went home to type away at this paper a bar fight of epic proportions broke up in the landmark bar Cuffs. A red panda Moreau used a device, a small disk that shocked one of the patrons with a terrific jolt as well as a strange man with a baseball bat entered the fray and joined in! The fight was very long and very intresting, your reporter was smart enough to listen outside. After seeing the aftermath i knew my choice was very much the correct one, bottles and liquor littered the floor, which glittered from all the small shards of broken glass.  On a personal  note the device was crushed and is now in my posession for my own curiosity. However, the suspects got away with barely a scratch mostly unstopped and unscathed. Which was quite a feat considering what the two attackers were up against


That is all i have this time dear readers, as always stay safe out there!

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