Storms and ill omens



Hello, dear readers.

Many mixed emotions bring me to write this.   The news is back.. But as they say not all news is good news.

Today while visiting with several of my family members in wheatstone some odd things occurred.. However, I would like to start at the beginning


This little reporter had all but given up on the paper after my printing press had quite frankly exploded, and that things had seemed to go into a quiet lull for the longest time. However now i am back on my typewriter working away to get this newest information out


Today was much like any other, visiting and chatting, when out of nowhere an odd rumble of thunder rang in the distance.  Why odd you may ask? Simply put.. Look outside your windows, dear readers. Snow for miles, yet, there is thunder? Not just that, the ground trembled as if lightning had struck something near


by. After a few moments all was normal and we thought nothing more about it naturally thinking that the charming babbage weather was confusing itself once again.


Of course my reporters instincts being rusty, as it goes, let my guard back down and the usual lul of everyday chatter resumed. Thats, my dear readers, when IT started.


Odd thing, to hear thunder coming from underneath you. While myself and the others stood stunned, staring at the starwell, debating on what that sound could have possibly been, Ms.Zoe decided to go and check. A scream moments later sent this reporter running in to see a horrifying sight! Shamefully to admit, my scream sent the third of our party, Ms. Yariel running to see as well.  My dear dear readers, what I had saw would shock anyone to find in a normally quiet home.


Two, yes two corpses, worse for wear and in safari attire were slumped against the wall and something i can not begin to describe properly, was just there.  Whatever the thing was quickly vanished but the corpses remains.

Now, this is where speculation begins.  It is thought these men were part of an expedition through the portal behind them that met some kind of ill fate.  Weather that is the case or not. Will have to wait for another day. As i do not have all the information i can only report on what is known.


On a side note, old faces are returning to the city.. At least that can be good news.

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